Econar Geothermal
Heating and Cooling Systems

Price range $15,000.00 - $40,000.00 + GST*
Forced air, hydronic or combination systems available

  • Geothermal systems will be sized once a heat load calculation of the building has been completed by Deck�s Geo-Electrical staff
  • Prices are dependent on the type and size of system required to heat each building

 An old concept renewed!                                                     
            Suitable for new construction or retrofits!

You probably don�t know it, but all the energy you�ll ever need to heat or cool is literally in your own backyard. To get at your own personal and inexhaustible energy all you need is an Econar GeoSource heat pump.

What is geothermal and how does it work?
All the energy that is needed to heat and air condition is extracted from the ground and all it takes is a little electricity to move it. A vertical or horizontal closed loop of pipe is buried below the surface drawing heat out of the ground. An ecologically sound refrigerant travels in these loops absorbing the heat energy and sends it into your unit. At this point the refrigerant is compressed and rises in temperatures to about 160 F. The heat is absorbed by the air heat exchanger and its blower circulates it into each room. It even heats your domestic hot water!

Why go geothermal?
Simple. Geothermal is a comfortable, clean and environmentally sound heating and cooling solution leaving no C02 footprint. While energy efficient furnaces are only up to 95% efficient geothermal heat pumps can reach efficiencies of up to 300%. Instead of having two separate heating and cooling systems geothermal does both in one. There is also the safety aspect. With geothermal using no fossil fuels you can feel at ease that your family is safe from poisonous non-environmentally friendly chemicals such as carbon monoxide, propane, fuel oil and natural gas.

What can Deck�s Geo-Electrical Ltd. do for you?
Deck�s Geo-Electrical Ltd. is a certified dealer and installer of Econar GeoSource heat pumps.
Econar GeoSource systems are the most efficient, comfortable, reliable and have the quietest heat pumps in the field today. Econar heat pumps also come with the best warranty in the industry.
We offer a wide variety of geothermal solutions to meet your individual needs.

  • Forced air systems
  • Hydronic systems
  • Domestic hot water heating systems

We take the time to listen to your needs and will recommend what system and installation method will work best for each customer. With a payback time of approximately 8-10 years it is the wisest choice of heating and cooling systems available.

Eligible Grants for Home Improvements/Retrofits (pdf)

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As a bonus we also offer the extended service of general maintenance and repair of any geothermal system.

Your comfort is our concern and we want you to be satisfied!

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