Backup and Emergency Generators

As the world changes there seems to be more stress on our electrical grid to give us power. As more of us demand more power there may be times when the grid can't handle it. Our weather every day is also changing. We never know when we will have a weather event that will leave us power less. Well that's when its good to know that you had Deck's Geo-Electrical install you a generator that's there when the grid isn't.

Deck's Geo-Electrical Ltd supply's, services and installs all types of emergency backup generators. From small one home gensets to large scale commercial sites that need power when the lights go out. We can custom design each system to meet your needs. From a Hog barn to your remote cabin in northern Saskatchewan. You might need a hand held remote to start and stop your genset or manually connect using the PTO from a tractor. We can make it work for you.

We don't only sell one make or model. We look at your operation and find the machine that best matches your needs. You will find us working on systems that range from 5kw all the way to 100kw. If it's a generator you need then we can help!

We have even done work on a genset for a customer that is using cooking oil as a fuel to run his generator. We love the different ideas out there.

Call us today and we will put the power back in your hands!!

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