Electrical Contracting

Deck's Geo-Electrical LTD. takes pride in giving our customers what they pay for, good service! We believe that if a customer will give us a project then we should get it completed in a timely fashion. As we all know there's nothing more stressful then waiting on tradesmen to get your work completed. If we take on a project we keep it on schedule. Our customers have called from all over the province to have us come and get there work completed. It seems they have trouble finding trades that want to work and get the project finished. We here at Deck's Geo-Electrical pride ourselves in completing our work in a timely manner.

Quality is very important also! You can complete work fast but if it's not done right, well then its not worth it. Here at Deck's Geo-Electrical the quality of work is a common discussion. We expect a high standard of work so you get a quality product from your hard earned dollars. The aim is to give you ( our customers ) a quality product in a timely manner.

We travel to all parts of Saskatchewan to help out anyone that needs our services. From North Battleford to Carnduff.

Our goal at Deck’s Geo-Electrical Ltd. is to help you with your electrical needs. Call us today and one of our representatives will gladly discuss your individual requirements.

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